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The Lao Wildlife Heroes campaign has identified role models in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade in Laos. Their work and personal efforts help preserve Laos’ unique and fragile biodiversity. Watch their interviews below to find out why they are passionate about ending the illegal wildlife trade in Laos, or get inspired by their important messages to the public.

Director General of the Department of Forest Inspection

A recipient of the Medal of Labor II award, Mr. Somphone Keohavong serves as the Secretariat of the National Task Force for Forest Inspection, helping to reduce illegal logging and safeguard the forests as the homes for wildlife.

Deputy Director General of the Department of Forestry

With a bachelor’s degree from Vietnam and a master’s degree from Sweden, both in Forest Management, Mr. Bounphone Sengthong has an academic and professional passion for protecting the forests of Laos.

Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Health

Dr. Chandaly Sitphaxay is an actor, doctor, as well as an official at the Ministry of Health. Having seen, first hand, the negative effects of wildlife consumption on the health of Lao people, she strives to educate the public about its extreme risks and lack of proven benefits.

Founder and Director of Green Discovery Laos

Considered Laos’ ecotourism pioneer, Mr. Inthy Deuansavanh is the founder of multiple tourism and hospitality ventures. As a business owner, and board member of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and of the Lao Tourism Association, he has a vested interest in ending the illegal wildlife trade in Laos.

Miss Universe Laos 2020 and Miss Lao 2012

A well-known influencer, Ms. Christina Lasasima has contributed to social work for the government, private sector, and development agencies to be a voice for creating positive change and a role model for Lao youth across various projects.



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